• Why having a Purpose is important

They say that anything worth having takes time and patience. But what a lot of people overlook are the qualities one needs in order to continue and keep going when times are tough. I am sure you’ve heard it , it takes time and patience, and it sounds like a cliche! right…

Well it is! what you need to do to continue going is have a PURPOSE – let me give you an example, just as a boat has a rudder to determined which way the boat will go, it is exactly what you need. Without the rudder unfortunately the boat will not go far. Instead it will drift in the ocean and it will eventually be overtaken by the strong currents (or life).

You see a rudder to a boat is like PURPOSE to your human self, your mind. To let you know exactly why is it that you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Because as soon as the ocean waves kick in (the hard times ahead). Your Purpose (rudder) will direct you to where you need to go, regardless of the circumstance. Think of something , what do you want? and why do you want it? That will become a starting foundation for your purpose.

Having a purpose

Having a purpose

So when you feel down and don’t know exactly what you have to do, think about that purpose eventually it will become a habit and that purpose will begin to take you where you need to go. You may be asking , what happens if I do have a purpose and I go in the direction that I am thinking about in the moment, but it doesnt work out?  Well I know this is a lot harder done than said, but the truth is simple…. YOU FIND ANOTHER WAY…. use that rudder of yours again and eventually you will find another way. It will take you to another direction and sooner or later you will begin to know the correct path for yourself.

So have a purpose so big that no matter what the waves of circumstance come your way, you will continue on forth to where you have to go. Keep in mind there is no “right way” ( don’t confuse that with the right thing to do; once you do find it ) for now there is just “your way” and your way is the best way for your current moment. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you still have your purpose and if you don’t quit and keep going, eventually you will end up where you need to be and it will lead you towards the right way.

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