• Study and Prepare and Someday Your Chance Will Come

“I will study and prepare myself, and someday my chance will come.” Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln said it best, and the reason why I am getting into this is because some people think that winning is everything they need to think about in order to actually win.

It is far from that though, what you can do is eliminate the thinking of winning and focus on the skills that are required to win. Winning or doing lincolnsomething great, over and over with consistency is the big piece of the puzzle. Before you can get to the big piece you must work on the small pieces.

It requires that you work on your craft over and over and over until you do it flawlessly without even thinking. Buy the books, look for a mentor, and really put all of your focus and attention to that one thing. Although the believe in oneself abilities is an essential key point. What you will notice is that if you work on all the small pieces of the puzzle, your own belief will increase without you even knowing, it will suddenly become a habit. Whenever you feel doubt, or are afraid that you will not reach your goal…GET TO WORK! Fear can only live if you give it enough time to creep on you, so take a lot of ACTION. Another thing you will have to understand is if you did not win the first time it was because you were unprepared!

So take the challenge of being willing to prepare, prepare, prepare and prepare…because if you are willing to take the time to prepare and plan, it will indicate that you are serious enough to want it. Eventually after many times of trial and error it will all come together as a masterpiece. So study and prepare yourself and someday your time will come.

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