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Anger: A Positive Emotion

By Martin H. How can Anger be used as a positive Emotion ?                 “Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world.” ~ William Shenstone Have you ever wondered what gets you angry? It sounds like a simple question to answer, but […]

Mental Principles of Success – 80% mental and 20% physical

By Martin H. Have you ever wondered what made people great and successful? What goes through the minds of these people? Was it luck? Were they born with a gift? Were these people blessed with such knowledge that only a few know about? Are they even humans? Really! or is it something else at work? […]

Spur Your Brain to Innovate

INTEL SOURCE LINK: By Geil Browning One afternoon in Oregon, apparently in 2006, artist Eric Singer contemplated a piece of orange Madrone wood from his neighbor’s yard and had an “Aha!” moment. Why not combine wood and sunglasses? He hand-carved his first pair of frames, added a couple of rusty hinges and some cheap […]

What Is Entrepreneurship?

INTEL SOURCE LINK: Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a mindset. It is the art of finding creative profitable solutions to problems. Every successful entrepreneur, every successful businessperson has been someone who’s been able to identify a problem and come up with a solution to it before somebody else did. Who Is the Entrepreneur? Entrepreneur […]

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