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10 People Coming from Rags to Riches – You can do it too!

By: Martin H. Rags to Riches   “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” ~Warren Buffet   1. Sheldon Adelson, United States  Net worth: $26.5 billion Age: 73 Son of a Boston cabdriver borrowed $200 at age 12 to start selling newspapers. Later did stints […]

Are you Dying or are you Living?

Are you Dying or are you Living? By: Devon Rembert –  Motivator “When your dreams die so do you, live your dream and then you will experience life.” The meaning of death is to no longer experience life or for something to come to an end (ie. The road leads to a dead end or you […]

15 top Best Motivational Quotes of the Day

by: Martin H. 15 top Best Motivational Quotes of the Day to keep the spirit going These are the top motivational quotes to keep the spirit going and from not giving up from a task that one sees. At first it may see impossible to obtain it but once it has been vision, planned and is or […]

Idolize Yourself!

By: Martin H.   Should you Idolize Yourself?   “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.” ~Albert Einstein  Idolize Yourself, I wanted to talk about this because now I notice it more and more now a days, of who you should idolize, I think its cool to have someone to look […]

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