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Heaven and Hell

When I first read this poem I thought it was super awesome because if you think about it and knowing your own attitude really plays an important role on the world around you, on how you can affect people, but above all affect yourself. You have the power to control how you react and on […]

Fly like the Bald Eagle, Learn from the Bald Eagle

By: Martin H. “If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.”   The Bald Eagle These are truly remarkable birds the eagle species, if you don’t know their life story well check this out a Bald Eagle can live for up to […]

Why are goals important to have? How to achieve them

by: Martin H. Goal setting is important to have “We need to set goals for ourselves. Start today…if you don’t have any goals, make your first goal getting some goals. You probably won’t start living happily ever after, but you may start living happily, purposefully, and with gratitude…Goals are gratitude in action. They give us the opportunity […]

10 Top Lessons of Fearlessness , Overcome it – Achieve your purpose

by: Martin H. Top Lessons of Fearlessness , Overcome it – Achieve your purpose   So over you is the greatest enemy a man can have and that is fear. I know some of you are afraid to listen to the truth – you have been raised on fear and lies. But I am going […]

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