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This website is about being determined and being inspired, to follow your passion and to being strong when facing adversity. We provide you with Motivational Quotes About Life, free E-books. Watch this quick video below to start off Determined!



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The Mission – What I hope to accomplish in due time.

About – What The Daily Determined Stands For

Motivational Articles – These articles are designed to help you along the way, if you come across adversity and need some help to get by.


Famous Life Quotes– Of course I have quotes from some of the most famous people, which they helped me out when I was facing adversity. I still look back and look at them, because if I didnt get it the first time then I would the second. Either way I look over them as much as possible.


Motivational Quotes About Life – These are also valuable quotes that helped me along the way and they are categorized by topic so if you are looking for a specific topic go ahead and check it out, they are Awesome!


Motivational Videos – These videos I have watched them myself and I’ve been posting up the ones I have been motivated by and I have learned from. They really lift up your spirit.

Motivational Portrait – These are awesome portraits with and image and also with a quote from a famous person. The image adds the visual behind the words.

Powerful Questions – Design to ponder to yourself and think about them, I am sure everyone asks themselves questions on a day to day basis, so why no do so on a regular basis. Ask good questions, and you will receive good answers.



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