• Changing habits, can you do it?

When you think about habits, what do you think about? See when I think habits , I think about all the bad stuff haha, it’s so easy to fall prey of life’s pleasures and can cause more harm than good. So can you change your habits ?

The answer is YES you can. The problem is that there is a process and not many people want to go through that. Naturally we do not like change, because it forces us to actually be aware and conscious of what we areĀ  doing.

Also if you didn’t know, but in order to maintain a habit to where it is automatic for us to do or not do. It can take anywhere from 30-90 days!! and even then it is still an effort to continue to do so. It is a challenge but I am sure you can do it.

So I want to present to you an idea to change your habits. They worked for me and I hope it does the same for you. Obviously your scenario may be very different so you will be forced to think outside the box, so be creative.

1. When your bad habit is beginning to start, make sure to be aware of it. If you can not make it stop the first time. Try to be aware of what triggered it, in the first place.

2. Once you find out what triggered the habit, you can replace the trigger with doing something else. For example I used to love drinking Starbucks! so I would always pass by a street knowing there was one on the way to my destination. So what I did was I found a different route! Get creative.

3. After you have intercept the trigger, try replacing it with something else. Something better. In my case I would carry a bag of mini carrots and I would eat that on the way. True it was not as good as Starbucks but hey it was working. Eventually it got to the point where I didn’t have to pass by and get something from there.

Qualities you need in order to stop the habits:

1. You need mental discipline.
2. Commitment
3. The ability to adapt and be able to change

All these qualities are tough, but they are necessary for you to overcome the habits you want to get rid of.

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